Business Intelligence is more than charts, graphs, and reports.  It is aligning your team, managing your data and storing it so any tool you choose can take advantage of it.  These things are harder than they look, and easier than they sound.

Do you need to understand how Tableau and PowerBI are the same and how they are different?  Is one better for your company than the other?  Are you thinking of all the factors when you plan for a future of visual analytics?

Are you ready to start a new Tableau initiative to empower your business with self service analytics?  Maybe a road map would help?  The first thing to know is that this is not a technical problem. Setting up Tableau and feeding it some data is easy.  We can help you set up your business to think Tableau.

Is it time to right the ship?  Do you have a Tableau implementation that never got much past the proof of concept dashboards?  Do most of your dashboards look like the excel spreadsheets you wanted to move away from?  Are most of those dashboards sitting unused in your Tableau Server?  We can light that spark that fires up your teams to want to look at data in new ways.