Our MissioN:

We are Brindle Pup Consulting.  Our mission is to help small to mid sized businesses that have invested in business intelligence but don’t feel like that investment is returning the results they had hoped for.

Our Vision:

We bring a unique combination of bi process engineering and data architecture to bear on issues where companies struggle to define and or implement effective strategies.  We take pride in providing tangible documentation of all items we create, assess or teach as a standard deliverable.

Our Values:

  • We value work life balance.  This means we respect your time as well as ours. We understand you have duties and responsibilities over and above whatever project we are assisting you with.  We will scale the intensity of our engagement to meet those demands. We keep our meetings short, on topic and focused.
  • We build open and honest relationships through communication.  We will not take on work we are not capable of doing well or that we do not believe to be in the best interest of the client.  
  • We keep it simple.  Experience has shown us that the simpler the solution, the better the long term results. Real change is evolutionary, not revolutionary.  
  • We coach and mentor without hesitation or reservation.  Our unique perspective only helps you in the long term if we have been effective in bringing new ideas that your team can work with long after the project ends.
  • We are a team.  Change built from effective teamwork is lasting change.  We are committed to listening to and empowering your team.

Who are the brindle Pups?

BI Process Architect (Lori Blackshear):

Lori is a Business Process Expert, adept at analyzing existing processes to understand required outcomes and outputs.

  • Creates or recommend tools, solutions, dashboards to streamline or drive workflows and processes on which data is dependent.
  • Introduces best practices and innovations from experience in multiple industries to benefit your business intelligence initiatives.
  • Bridges business and IT groups to help each communicate more effectively. 


BI Data Architect (Tim Costello):

Tim is a BI generalist with extensive knowledge of the BI lifecycle from source data through ETL, into the Data Warehouse and finally Data Visualization with a tool like Tableau.

  • Analyzes, optimizes and supports ETL processes with SQL Server Integration Services and Biml (Business Intelligence Markup Language)
  • Designs and supports the dimensional data warehouse.
  • Builds new dashboards and data visualizations and optimizes existing dashboards for performance and usability with Tableau.
  • Installs, configures and supports Tableau Server, including configuring Tableau Server to implement best practices for performance and security.