If not now, when?

Starting something new is scary.  I never thought I’d have it in me.  I’m still scared, but when it comes down to it, I’m more afraid of not trying than I am of failing.

So … what have we done here?  We’ve built something new.  My partner Lori Blackshear and I are excited to announce we have set out on our own to offer Business Intelligence consulting for small to mid size businesses that have struggled to implement a successful BI initiative.  Our people are the small shops, the small teams that have been lured by the shine of tools like Tableau or Power BI but soon realized that when the excitement of the kick off fades and the salesmen stop calling these projects are harder than they look.

Lori and I are here to help.  Yes, this stuff is hard, but we believe it’s doable.  We believe with a little help, a nudge here and there and a good road map any business can succeed in Business Intelligence.

It’s an exciting time.  There are lots of small shops out there that have everything they need to benefit from the data they are already capturing.  What they don’t have is a clear vision of how to get to those first big wins.  Where to start?  What should the data look like before we begin?  How can we build bridges between the folks tasked with building dashboards and the ones that will use them?  How do we build excitement around data?  Is self service BI really possible?

Stick around folks … we’ll answer these questions and more as we move forward.  We will blog here about the problems we help people solve, the methods we use to get the job done and the tools that help us get there.

Scary?  Hell yeah this is scary.  We’re going to do it anyway.  Let’s get there together.

Tim Costello (co founder, Brindle Pup consulting)


  1. Best of luck, Tim. I know you’ll do a great job and clients are lucky to engage you.

    1. Thanks Steve! It’s an exciting time!

  2. Tim,
    Good luck with the new adventure. Loved the DW Checkup checklist.

    1. Thanks Michael!

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